Discover Ibiza's underwater world!



Our intro dive program in Ibiza is divided into three parts and with a total duration of 4.5 hours:

  1. Theory.
  2. Training in the pool.
  3. One dive in the sea (duration 45 min, maximum 12 meters deep).

It’s everything you need to enjoy your first underwater experience with our breathing aparatus. You can do it in one morning, one afternoon or split it into two sessions, at your own pace.

Have we convinced you?

If you want to live your first experience in the exciting world of diving, trust the professional experience of our instructor teams and book your place now. Any questions you have do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


This session takes place in our diving center.

We will go through the equipment we need to go diving. Basics of how pressure affects our body when we are underwater. An explanation of the basic buoyancy and safety exercises that we will practice in the pool.

2.- POOL

It is already an experience!

This is where we dive and discover what it feels like to breathe for the first time underwater.

In a quiet environment and accompanied at all times by your instructor, the pool is the ideal place for you to get used to using the equipment safely, learn the basics of diving techniques and prepare to fully enjoy the next step: diving in the sea.

3.- DIVE

The most fun part!

We go out on the sea. In this diving experience you can really enjoy the exciting underwater world of Ibiza. Your personal instructor will remain by your side all the time, helping you and guiding you to the wonders that hide under the sea.

Duration of this dive: approx. 45 minutes underwater, like a normal dive of certified divers, so that your experience is complete.


A great souvenir

During the sea dive we can take photos or videos, so you can have the best memory of your holidays.

After this experience you will receive a diploma to certify you have completed your intro dive in Ibiza. The diploma means that further diving with your instructor may continue without having to repeat the first part of the pool the following year.

As we will convince you to continue diving for sure, you can carry on with your training and take the next step to the SSI Open Water Diver course and get your first diving certification. You will not have to repeat the pool session or the first immersion of the sea, because ANFIBIOS intro dive program it counts as the first part of the course.

If you decide to complete the Open Water Diver course with us, ANFIBIOS will deduct 100% of the price of the intro dive program becasue it is included in the full course. This is another advantage that we give you in ANFIBIOS.