Daily diving trips to the best spots of Ibiza!


Enjoy with Anfibios the best diving spots in Ibiza. Our dives are always accompanied by expert guides who know the sites like the back of their hand. They will be pleased to assist you during all your underwater experiences.

Boat trips to the diving areas in the “Es Freus” marine reserve, are just a few minutes from our diving center. Our instructors have long-term experience and maximum professionalism.

If you like diving, Ibiza will surprise you with the luminosity of its waters and the diversity of species, its Posidonia meadows, its shipwrecks, caves and more… With Anfibios you can take dives of all kinds and levels.

malvin norte y malvin sur

Malvín Norte y Malvín Sur

Malvín Norte and Malvín Sur are two islands located just two kilometers from our dive center, five minutes by boat.

With different underwater landscapes that beggin just a couple of meters from the surface and gradually descending, they have become the ideal spot for diving students, both Intro Dive and Open Water Diver course students, because you can progessively adapt to the depth.

In the shallowest area we find Posidonia meadows that grows spectacularly because they are more exposed to sunlight, typical fauna of these meadows like Syngnathus tiple. Relative of the seahorse and with a surprising camouflage capacity due to its extraordinary resemblance to a leaf of this plant.

For divers with more level they also can find some entertaining areas here because they can descend to almost thirty meters.

dado pequeño

Dado Pequeño

The variety of underwater landscapes allow us to adapt our diving profile, either you can do deep diving and multilevel ascents or you can choose to do a shallower dive.

This diving site stands out for the multiple routes that can be done, it looks like a small rock on the surface, but under the water a large wall and multiple rocks hides. Schools of barracudas, damselfish, salemas, corvinas and countless holes to find octopus and moray eels make the Dado Pequeño one of our favorite dives. Ideal site for fans of photography and video.

la esponja

La Esponja

This little island is a few minutes by boat from our dive center. Once in it, we first descent in a shallow rocky area, being able to choose from this point a deeper itinerary or less according to our level.

The marine life that we can find does not vary much from the Malvins area, although the bottom has well differentiated characteristics from the others and the fauna appears different from day to day.

At shallow and medium depth it is normal to find schools of fish of all sizes: salemas, breams, barracudas. Deeper we can find scorpion fish of considerable size, groupers, moray eels, etc.

la plataforma mariana ibiza

La Plataforma

Impressive structure of an old fish farm sunk in 1997 and since then it has been a magnificent wreck for diving in Ibiza.

“La mariana” is an ideal place for divers of a medium level and to do many practices such as photography, video, multilevel diving, deep diving, etc.

Usually teeming in marine life. We can find schools of barracudas, which most of the time remain static, or with slow movements. This together with the spectacular structure, make this place an ideal place for lovers of underwater photography or video.

helice del don predro

Don Pedro

The Don Pedro wreck is one of the largest shipwrecks in Europe suitable for recreational divers (advanced level). It’s lying on a sandy bottom 47 meters deep in front of Playa d’en Bossa.

Over the years the flora and fauna have covered the wreck, making the dive even more spectacular. We can confirm that Don Pedro has revived.

pasadizo llado sur

LLadó Sur

In this rock we can enjoy different routes and depths. The highlight is the crack that allows you to cross the island from side to side, a good area to end the dive and enjoy the last few minutes searching each hole in this passageway. Ideal for lovers of underwater photography.

For those with a deep diving experience level, they can reach almost 40 meters, discovering a great sandy bottom where lobsters are found among other species.

At shallow waters we can find a wide variety of typical Mediterranean life. Schools of fish of all sizes: salemas, bream, barracuda, as well as octopus, scorpionfish, grouper and a long etc. Without underestimating the small life as nudibranchs and yellow anemones covering the wall.

Surely after the dive you will want to repeat.

catedral cala llonga

Catedral Cala Llonga

“La Catedral”, a cave located near Cala Llonga. The access to this cave is through a wide entrance located between 4 and 9 meters deep.

Once inside it is possible to reach the surface and find a cave with more than 20 meters high above sea level. From this flat water surface, you can enjoy the silence and the extraordinary luminosity that penetrates through the wide underwater entrance.

Inside the cave its bottoms can be explored and for the more adventurous there are some tunnels. One of them ends in a kind of vertical chimney and rises to the surface behind some lateral rocks.

la bota de es vedra

La Bota

La Bota is an underwater mountain about 1 mile northwest of the isle of Es Vedrá. It emerges from more than 50 meters from the bottom to a few centimeters from the surface. You have to be careful in navigation because sometimes a small wave break is the only way to detect its presence.

Due to its distance from the coast, it is a good area to see species coming from the open sea such as tunas, amberjacks and schools of barracudas, these ones generally always present.

la galera

La Galera

To the north of Es Vedrá we find this little island surrounded by a spectacular environment. The dive begins on a platform at about 5 meters deep and continues down the wall until you can reach 30 meters.

Countless holes where you can find moray eels and octopuses, walls full of yellow anemone, sponges and sea squirts, make La Galera a dive for those who want to enjoy the color of the Mediterranean.

los cañones es vedranell

Los Cañones

The island of Es Vedranell located to the south of Es Vedrá, hides under its waters an interesting route, Los Cañones. Three underwater corridors that cross the wall from side to side and going from 28 meters to almost the surface. With walls full of small life and tiny creatures which make this place an ideal place for macro lovers.

The usual currents bring nutrients to the area, making it easy to find a wide variety of species. Corvinas, barracudas, damselfish and the beautiful moray eels.